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quibs: (abstarct noun) issue, problem, dislike.
man1: i want to get some blue cheese
man2: I got no quibs with that
by Wolfmankurd August 05, 2005
to fuck something up
Guy 1: (tries to act cool in front of girls)
Guy 1: (faceplants)
Guy 2: What a quib!
by Tootop11 October 05, 2012
Quib is a 70's LA term for coughing while trying to hold in a pot hit either from a joint, pipe, or bong. Of course, it is a negative thing and the goal is not to quit.
Stoner A: Dude, pack the frigin bowl.
Stoner B: Here ya go, dude.
Stoner A: Gurrrrgle.........
Stoner B: Snap that bitch ya pussy
Stoner A: Gurrrrlgle......(small successive coughs)
Stoner B: Don't fuckin quib man!
by clyde November 29, 2003
The act of grabbing anothers crotch. Must be accompanied with the quibber saying "Quibs" otherwise the touch is just molestation.
Guy 1- "Hey bro, just wondering if you had todays assignment"

Guy 2- "Yeah, it was page 3 and 4."

Guy 1- "OK."

Guy 2- "..."

Guy 1- "Quibs" *grabs guy 2's groin*

Guy 2- "FUCK."
by floydthesic999 September 25, 2009
A quib or quib-bid is to bid for multiple items online on haggling websites alike..
'Put a quib on it'
'quib on it'
'That quib is too low'
by dynamitelives June 09, 2014
see kib a more formal spelling of kib.
Its time for quibbage. ( sleep )
I'm going to quib out.
by Joe Beefquim March 15, 2004
when a person experiences flatulations during the exercise of weightlifting.
That girl keeps dead lifting and quibbing at the same time
by Dr. Quinn...medicine woman July 22, 2010