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Quesque - French, from Middle French, diminutive meaning "inquiry"
fuck- akin to Dutch fokken to breed (cattle), Swedish dialect fokka to copulate

1: An accentuated statement to denote a state of ignorance while simultaneously requesting clarification.

see also:
what the fuck

a) can be used as stand alone sentence:
you walk into a room filled with naked mimes...
"quesque fuck?"
b) or in sentence combinations:
some incompetent driver rear-ends your car...
"Quesque fuck? You idiot!"
by SumDumGuy September 03, 2004
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bi-lingual -french/english meaning what the fuck?
can be used by itself, or as part of a sentence.
ques que fuck?!?
Ques que fuck is this?!
ques que fuck are you doing?
use your imagination, there are lots of possibilities.
by maddog.mitchell March 01, 2008
Just means "What the fuck?"
Bobby: Sally, there's a ladybird on your cooter!
Sally: Qu'es que fuck?!
by monkeysrgoodpeople November 23, 2005

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