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A mocking term given to people who define themselve as "random" or "querky."

Querksters are people who proclaim them selves to be random or a bit of a character but in most cases are usually not very funny or interesting at all. Self proclamation is a big part of the word as a querkster is very self absorbed, almost always refering or talking about themselve.

Querksters often reffer to the rest of the world as normal people, this indirectly indicats to others that they are different or special, giving them a false sense of individuality.

"Querky" or "random" facebook statuses can usually be an indicator to wether that person is a Querkster.
Kelly: "I could totally be a cyborg unicorn if I wanted to..... I'm not normal"

John: "Fuck off Kelly stop being a Querkster..."
by poparopari March 31, 2014
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