An american film director who is very good with actors but his films always end up rather shallow.
Just try to count the number of five letter words in Quentin Tarantino's movies!
by Carlyle9 August 17, 2007
Hey, fake gumba, you forgot he wrote the script for Natural born killers! I don't think he liked what Oliver Stone did with it though.

Tarantino has produced many cult classics based on blaxploitations of the seventies, and hiring reknowned actors to undergo lengthy scenes.
QT r0xxx0rz j00 b0xxx0rz
by Gumba Gumba April 13, 2004
A very good director. My 2nd favorite, next to Martin Scorsese. Writes very good dialogue. Some people say he just steals other people's ideas. Well he may do that, but he makes his movies 1000 times better. So shut the fuck up already assholes.
I hate QT.....McG is so much better!
*bitch slap*
by big titties. June 19, 2004
The greatest director to appear in the nineties, and one of the greatest all-time. Tho he has few films out, they are all kick ass. Spike Lee said hes racist.
Spike: "man Quentin, there is so many racial slurs in your movies"

Quentin: "Sorry, I dont sign autogrpahs for black people."
by Tony ramone June 25, 2005
good director, maybe not the best but up there, wrote kill bill both volumes, which unfortunately was lacking in dialogue in my opinion. Also resevoir dogs, pulp fiction and jackie brown. a genius of the film industry
Andrew loves quentin tarantino, but honestly what the fuck is up with when sliced the guys ear off, and poured gasoline on him?
by yay August 01, 2004
Best Damn Director, Films Guys getting ear Cut off, uma Therman Doing Drugs in Pulp Fiction, Lucy Liu get her scalp cut off, and Killed vampires and get shot and stabbed in the hand
Why am I Mr.Pink?
because your the faggot!
by HERR! October 19, 2003
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