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ol' chinny winny. i do love him.
mr. tarantino is inexplicably attractive.
by thespian cockle June 05, 2004
An american film director who is very good with actors but his films always end up rather shallow.
Just try to count the number of five letter words in Quentin Tarantino's movies!
by Carlyle9 August 17, 2007
A brilliant director. Directed such films as Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction. Is known for violence and racial slurs in his films. Also known for reserecting forgotten or soon to be forgotten actors (i.e. John Travolta). He is rather attractive, also.
Quentin Tarantino's movies have amazing dialogue.
by WeezerFan December 05, 2005
The greatest director to appear in the nineties, and one of the greatest all-time. Tho he has few films out, they are all kick ass. Spike Lee said hes racist.
Spike: "man Quentin, there is so many racial slurs in your movies"

Quentin: "Sorry, I dont sign autogrpahs for black people."
by Tony ramone June 25, 2005
noun. London slang. Someone who is gay.
adj. Gay.
1. "That bruv's a bit Tarantino"
2. "Don't be such a Quentin, man."
3. "Last night I got me a Quentin Tarantino".
4. "I love QT."
by Frank September 08, 2004
A very good director whose main fault seems to be putting himself in movies as an actor. At least Hitchcock only ever gave himself like one line. Tarantino may be the worst actor in the last 20 years with the following exceptions: Andie McDowell, Carrot Top, whoever played Tony Danza's son on "Who's the Boss?"...ok, the whole cast of "Who's the Boss?" but especially THAT kid.
Example of extremely poorly delivered Tarantino line from Pulp Fiction (one of the best movies of all time except for Tarantino's acting):

"I don't need you to tell me how f****** good my coffee is, okay? I'm the one who buys it. I know how good it is. When Bonnie goes shopping she buys S***. Me, I buy the gourmet expensive stuff because when I drink it I want to taste it."
by CTurtle January 10, 2005
Best Damn Director, Films Guys getting ear Cut off, uma Therman Doing Drugs in Pulp Fiction, Lucy Liu get her scalp cut off, and Killed vampires and get shot and stabbed in the hand
Why am I Mr.Pink?
because your the faggot!
by HERR! October 19, 2003