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The Queer'an is the religious text that contains the teachings and dogma for moral, philosophical, and fashionable ideology. It is most closely followed by the homosexuality community.
I have a strict nightly routine. Before bed, I read a chapter or two of verse from the Queer'an, have a confessional with my hag, and then masturbate my butthole. This keeps me on the gay and narrow.
by BehodiusSquirtMonger March 08, 2015
A name given to any Kieran, unless the Kieran in question is a sick guy in the first place. Most of the time however, this is not the case, otherwise thus would have been entitled Kieran in the first place.
"Hey look its Queeran. Hey Queeran, how are you?"
"Its Kieran FFS!"
"What was that Queeran?"
by Cheeran September 29, 2009
gay loser who goes to catholic school
go away queeran you're queer
by Tommy ymymym May 26, 2008
A strange, bushy-haired creature that reproduces by forcing itself on unsuspecting hoovers.
I thought I saw a dyke once but it was just a Queeran.
by Johnny Ray Rogers January 07, 2012

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