A male that is unaware of his good looks, which is cute enough to attract both girls and homosexuals. Actually it's a compliment to one's looks, not an insult to their sexual preference.
"Yeah, Mr. queerbait over there is unaware of what he's doing to my partner, and it's pissing me off".
by oxygen1 November 02, 2011
One whom is an lure towards homosexual males. Gayest to the 9th Degree
Dice is queer bait to the nth degree.
by Savage8778 February 15, 2008
1. a naive guy who is sexually attractive to gay men. Can be either masculine or feminine in atttitude or looks.

2. a straight friend of a gay guy who does not know that the gay guy finds him appealing.
Mark is pure queerbait. He hangs out with a gay dude and is clueless.
by ragwillie August 20, 2009
Just like calling a guy gay or queer, but also means being a "homo-magnet".
Go fuck yourself, queer-bait!
by EricCartman August 22, 2007
1) An asshole.

2) One who is the bait for a pack of queers, even though he/she is straight.

3) An affectionate way to say hello.
1) Joey is such a queerbait

2) We can use Frank as queerbait so we can slide out the backdoor

3) How ya doin' queerbait?
by bigbrewmeister July 03, 2014
a person who says hes not gay, but acts like it big time, and naturally attracts the same sex
mike southwood is the favorite queer bait of the gays.
by mike southwood January 25, 2004
Someone who claims they are not gay but constantly obsesses over homosexuality.
If that queerbait would just come out of the closet he might be a little less annoying.
by JoJo October 29, 2003

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