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A province that is sucking the life out of the rest of Canada. French speaking snobs
1. Quebec wants to become their own country so they are holding the Canadian government hostage forcing them to pay billions or they will leave Canada.

2. After Quebec leaves Canada, Canada (or parts) will become the 51st state of the United States of America.
by Jer March 02, 2004
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Quebec = "Q" letter in International Morse Alphabet.
Also, in maritime navigation, Q (QUEBEC) = "my vessel is healthy and I request free practique" and is represented by an yellow rectangular flag.
Q = --.-
<<Quebec>> is the pronunciation for "Q" letter in Morse Alphabet.
by Marinaru August 28, 2006
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french speaking canada, the second biggest province. it's people are decendents of french immigrants, yet the people in general have a disdain toward france for basically abandoning the place in 1757. older generations also have a similar disdain toward canada because of the language divide. montreal is the capital and is basically toronto, but with a different langugae. quebec city is europe in north america, beautiful, but harder to navigate for an english-speaking tourist (the deeper into quebec you get, the less likely you'll encounter english signs). tried to seperate from canada twice, which was a stupid idea. younger generations are more apathetic, which is actually a good thing, since it means quebec sovereignty should never be an issue again.
The liscene plat of quebec says Je Me Souviens. This translates to "I remember." What the hell are they remembering? Truthfully, they don't know!
by Provincial Mood December 14, 2007
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Quebec is The Greatest Province This Country of Canada. We Patriotic Unlike rest of Canada. Not Everyone Here Is French, Not Everyone Here Who Is French Hates English. Drinkin, Parties, Best In Canada by FAR. Without Us Canada Would Already Be Part Of The USA. Not Everyone Wants to Leave Canada. We Do Make Ourselves Known Because We Can. The Most Famous Canadian Food is Poutine, And Thats The It Is. Montreal Is The Home Of The Greatest CFL and NHL Teams. 1967 Worlds Fair 1976 Olympics. NO Other Province Even Comes Close To Our History or What Our Future Will Be
Vive Le Montreal
Vive Le Quebec

Petite Poutine Pour Ici
by Saint of Verdun October 11, 2005
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A Canadian province (equivalent to an American State) who's main language is French.

Quebec is most noted for its claim to a distinct and superior society when compared to the rest of Canada.

The province's favorite hobbies are pouting & threatening to separate from Canada, bitching & moaning and holding their palms out towards the federal government demanding more $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ and screaming "donnez-moi, donnez-moi, donnez-moi!!!"
"is Quebec still whining about separating from Canada?"

"ignore it, it's just those freeloaders' seasonal ploy to extort more $$$ from the the Federal government."
by FrenchCandianOutsideOfQuebec April 27, 2010
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Still a Canada's province (sad) for about 3 years. Québec is the best province to get drunk especially on June 24 where Québecer celebrate the St-Jean Baptiste (their national festival).

The government keep the legal age to vote under 18 years old to make sure that nobody vote for the "Parti Québécois", a sovereignist party that want the Québec to be a country.

English speaking Canadian hate French Quebecer.
French Quebecer hate English speaking Canadian.
English speaking Quebecer are not real Quebecer.

The "Poutine" as been originaly made in Québec with french fries, cheese and brown sauce.

Quebecer are realy intelligent. They can speak 2 language. They all speak French and a lot of them can speak english very well with a nice accent. They totaly beat the english-speaking Canadian who don't want to learn other language.

They have their own dialect starting with Tabarn*k, c*alis, cri*ss, es*i, cibo*re, moé, toé, check (mean "look").

If you want to be friend with a Quebecer, give him a beer.
1) Normal Quebecer: Vive le Québec libre!
2) Normal Quebecer: Bièèèère!
3) Normal Quebecer: Tabarn*k ça fait mal
by Le Jeu June 15, 2009
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A friendly people with a rich culture and much wisdom. But not that much.
salute meuf. jte casse les deux jambes si tu mecoeures encore tabarnak
by Fayez November 04, 2004
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Horrible little place in eastern Canada. Has about a quarter of Canada's population. They're all French, but claim to be Quebecois and want to break away from Canada. They've had to referendums and obviously don't want to though, because they would be nothing without Great English (Normal) Canada.
Hey dude you been to that Quebec place?
No and I certainly dont plan to dick cheese!
by bluemanc March 08, 2007
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