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A girl who weighs over 200 lbs.thighs rubbing together, cankles etc. and tries to order food like she is 115lbs.and in shape when standing next to her skinny girlfriends. An extra Heavy female who can consume large portions of food, but will order little when in front of her thin friends or out in public. A large girl who wants everyone to think that she eats small portions.
Art, here comes a quarter pounder! ( 220lb girl walks through door and proceeds to order a small turkey sandwich with only mustard and lettuce, SAYS" No MAYO!" knowing she would really want extra mayo but does not want her skinny friends to see that. "Brittny, do you want to share this chocolate chip cookie with me? I cant eat all of it" ( as she is standing there with her tree trunk thighs rubbing together. Or," I would like to order a quarter pound of chicken, that would be more than enough for me" yea right like that is what she usually eats when she is built like a defensive tackle! But does so because her 110 lb. girlfriend is standing next to her!
by Bobwins1 July 10, 2012
a person that fucks someone in the ass
Jon is a quarter pounder because he fucked sally in the ass
by Mjorda14 November 17, 2006
slang for sex

i totally Quarter pondered last night


do you like quarter pounders
by DRAMA CLASS August 13, 2008
To have sex with a relly skinny chick. Quater means 25, so the chick ways close to 25 poundes (not literally 25 pounds).
Man i got
nice QUARTER POUNDER last night.
by Ant & Chris August 29, 2008
a fat four ounces of marijuana. Not a fine female, not a burger- pot. reefer. kill. bud. fire. smoke me out scotty!!!!!!!!
That ain't a joint. That's a toothpick. I got your joint- Led Zepplin!! Quarter Pounder!!!
by Elysa August 25, 2004