a 3/4th asian, 1/4th white person.
Trung Van Vo from Gainesville, Georgia is a quarter-pounder.
by Lewis March 31, 2005
To have sex with a relly skinny chick. Quater means 25, so the chick ways close to 25 poundes (not literally 25 pounds).
Man i got
nice QUARTER POUNDER last night.
by Ant & Chris August 29, 2008
a fat four ounces of marijuana. Not a fine female, not a burger- pot. reefer. kill. bud. fire. smoke me out scotty!!!!!!!!
That ain't a joint. That's a toothpick. I got your joint- Led Zepplin!! Quarter Pounder!!!
by Elysa August 25, 2004
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