A Bloody game in which 2 or more people try to stop a spinning quarter with one finger without it tipping and falling flat on the ground. The key to the game is to try to stop the coin while it's still spinning. Someone must spin the coin and the oppanate must try to stop if, if successful he can launch the coin at the person who spun it at his knuckles. When you play this game for a long time your knuckles will bleed unless your playing some weakling
Jack: Hey you ready for another game of quarters?

Mehoff: Yea right you'd own my ass!
by Jack Mehoff March 06, 2004
Nickname for a girl with a great body whose face looks like she got hit with a sock full of quarters.
I felt that Quarters' boobies last night, but I had to do it in the dark so I couldn't see her face.
by SaphronJenkins August 30, 2007
1)a coin thats worth 25 cents but ppl steal them anyway
2) a coin that homeless ppl beg for

1)why rob quarters?
2) you dont earn no mother fuckin cent, so you better beg for the quarter
by Bros Call Me DP September 08, 2006
A code word guys use with each other when talking about "condoms." The term "quarter" originates from the circular resemblance to that of a condom.
Statement: "Do you have any quarters bro?"
Response: "Will semi-lubricated Trojans work?"
by Mars blktintedZ March 11, 2006
a quarter ounce or 7 grams. not 7.5 grams as some one said before. 1 oz = 28.3 grams (divided) by 4 = 7.075 grams but commoly rounded to 7 when selling any type of drug.
yo im selling some nice ass banger for 55 a quarter
by z.rodgers February 26, 2005
i like money
money is good
to bad it starts wars
dont put money in your mouth
u will get STDs
dirty money
by duke May 30, 2003
noun: a cheap whore, a stripper that dances for quarters
1. Hey Quarters, had a fun night last night?

2. Damn Quarters was hot last night.
by elanor the avenger January 22, 2005

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