1) coins worth 25 cents
2) a place to live or sleep
3) a drinking game in which you bounce quarters into a cup
1) I bought jo mama for a couple of quarters.
2) Jo mama stayed in quarters last night.
3) It would take about 50 games of quarters before I'd even consider bangin' jo mama
by Nick D March 16, 2003
(V.) To spare the life of an conquered foe.
Do not grant enemy troops quarter.
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 08, 2004
7 grams of weed. Referred to as a quarter because 7 grams is 1/4 of 1 ounce.
Dude, I bought a whole quarter last night.
by can of soda July 21, 2012
The section of small Southern towns which are mostly tar paper shacks with polythene windows. Out back is the outhouse and in front is a Benz, a Lincoln, and a pickup truck on blocks. In other words -- a rural ghetto. The word is derived from slave quarters, and appears frequently in Harry Crews' novels.
The Riverdale neighborhood of Detroit reminds me of the quarters in Florence South Carolina.
by England phi beta gamma November 16, 2007
A game consisting of about 4 to 7 people. There is a cup (middle cup) in the center of the table filled to the top with beer. Everyone has a cup in the center of the table, around the middle cup, filled to the half way point with beer.
Someone starts off with the quarter and they try to bounce it into someones cup. Whoever owns the cup it landed in has to drink. But if it lands in the middle cup everyone has to drink, and the last one to put their cup down has to drink the full middle cup. And the quarter goes to the next player. This game can last for hours. It doesn't usually end until everyone is drunk.
"Dang I got so drunk playing Quarters last night."
by reneecollins July 31, 2009
short for hindquarters. say it to other people in the know to draw their attention to a particularly fine, quality ass in the vicinity. one benefit is that you can discuss fine, quality ass even directly behind said posessor of fine, quality ass without her ever being the wiser.
dude: i think that donkey kong is the greatest game ever created.
guy: i disagree, i....woah, 'quarters, kid 11:00.
dude: yep, that sure is a fine, quality ass.
by jimboween May 21, 2008
military "verbal shorthand" for "Confinement to Quarters," most often for medical reasons such as acute viral respiratory infections that are disabling and highly contagious but NOT so severe as to require any hospital stay.
I got the latest Creeping Crud, so doc put me on Quarters for the next three days.
by ab234 May 13, 2009
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