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A male version of a queef. The sound mostly happens during masturbation.
Boy: Fuck, i just quarfed.
by Rainbows Jumpping Unicorns July 22, 2009
12 9
A very rancid queef. Usually extremely audible (exceeding 100 decibals) and can cause loss of hearing, nerve damage, and soiled undies.
Yo james moore, that girl alison rogers just quarfed all over the place. I can't feel the left side of my body. Call a fucking ambulance.
by Evelyn Fasano August 18, 2009
46 24
a combination between a queef and a fart. You will most likely have your period when you quarf.
"ut-oh i feel a quarf coming out."
by ANNE and cookie July 10, 2008
16 9
when air comes out of your penis and sounds like a fart, like a woman quiffs out her vagina
A ups employee quarffed while bending over to pick up a package
by SoCOR December 11, 2010
17 11
(N) A very loud and deep sounding queef.

Originated in 2006 when a female practiced to take in air through her vagina hole and push it out in a roaring manor.
After she let out a petite queef and I bursted into laughter; She showed me how loud she could quarf.
by I.A.MM. September 11, 2013
2 0
When a Man exhales air from his Penis. Sometimes, Involves blood.
"Dude I Quarfed, I think there's blood".
by Shika69 May 06, 2011
3 3
when a girl thinks she has to queef and she accidentally sharts
This girl in my hall walked into the bathroom and from the shower, i could hear her quarf.
by travlax December 17, 2010
3 3