less of a good thing is better than more of a bad thing.
do YOU want a metric shitload of of nasty cheese burgers, or one of the best cheese burgers in the world???
by Ninj4 December 06, 2003
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I had this conversation at lunch whether to go to McDonalds or Subway, Subway you get quality and McDonalds you get Quantity. We used whether you would want to screw an ugly fat girl a lot, or a really hot girl once... we went to Subway
Subway is good... McDonalds just isn't
by Dan December 02, 2003
The practice of selecting one female in which you have genuine interest, rather than persueing sexual intercourse with numerous women.
Dude, I'm going for quality vs. quantity.
by JWooden271 December 06, 2003
Choosing a better quality product/service vs. choosing more of that product/service with less quality
I would rather buy one diamond ring than 1000 cheap metal rings
by Tania December 09, 2003
The never ending struggle between a lot of cheap crap or a smaller amount of expensive crap.
"Wal-Mart is cheap, but they really need to spend less time on quantity and more time on quality."


"Bill G., the new CEO, had some quality vs. quantity decisions to make regarding his company's product. He couild either produce a lot cheaply, or produce fewer but better goods."
by Jason K December 02, 2003
The quandary of whether to achieve one's goals with a few products of high quality, or many products of low quality, as one cannot have both high quality and high quantity
The dilemma the farmer faced was one of quality vs. quantity--should he plant many seeds of a variety with a low germination rate, or fewer seeds of a variety with a high germination rate.
by Whiskey Zulu December 07, 2003
When planning a particular task, one might ask oneself, "Quality or quantity?" Focusing on either may consume the same amount of time and resources, but the result will often be significantly different.
When I make chocolate chip cookies, I always consider quality vs. quantity. If I'm baking for a larger group, I'll make more cookies, but they'll be smaller.
by Daniel Premo December 11, 2003
A hella ugly lookin dude with a huge dick vs a hella good lookin dude with a chode
i dont think u want an example
by HAzE July 29, 2004

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