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Twenty Five percent of the whole.

One forth of a complete item.

A Mnemonic Device, best spoken aloud to give the user optimal recall.
This piece of foam is 24 and 3 quail long. (24.75")

That will be 2 and a quail. ($2.25)

I can't believe it's already a quail past Three (3:15)
by Bueller....Bueller September 23, 2009
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A medium bird, often hunted for sport, and sometimes used for meat or eggs. Old world quails are in the Pheasant family; new world quails like the bobwhite or California quail are in a distinct family.
Look, a quail! I want to shoot someone in the face! Oh wait, I'm not Dick Cheney.
by cazort October 08, 2006
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quail refers to weed. not something to hit a hippo with, and not something cool, as with the other definitions here.
"My oven is on high, when I roast the quail
Tell Bill Clinton to go and inhale
Exhale, now you felt the funk of the power
now feel the effects..."

I Wanna Get High ~ Cypress Hill
by dr. g0nzo March 31, 2006
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Many guys enjoying farting inside a room, car, or closed space and then leaving. A quail is the same, but for a female. Quail is short for queef and bail, meaning queefing and leaving.
by Palmer3 November 06, 2010
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The improved version of "jail-bait" . Shortend from "quail-bait". Refering to girls/boys that are younger than yourself.
e.g I found some quail. lets go on the quail circuit. You're quailing it up. Alex has got himself some quail. Quuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaiiiiiill. Quailly quail quail.
by Henonywari September 23, 2007
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Any amount of money, either in general- "i'm out of quail" or more specific- "i need ten quail for that hat." Words such as this are usualy used in an attempt to bewilder anyone who may be listening in on your conversation- "what ho lovely ones, i'm in need of some poaching quail for the photostatamy! = Hi people, can i borrow some money for the photocopier. quail=cash
by NymphetaminexGirl April 03, 2008
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quail is a multi-faceted word that can be utilized to describe all aspects of smoking marajuana.
etymology: anthropologists hypothesize that the term 'quail' first entered the american lexicon upon the release of the film "Wedding Crashers". This cult, mainstream, post-modern, post-structuralist, post-feminist cinematic masterpiece includes a very humourous scene involving the hunting of quails, which inspired permastoned teenagers across the world to unite for the quail hunting cause.

noun: "let's go smoke some quail" "yo, let's roast some quail" "may i interest you in the game of in quail hunting?" "you. me. a quail. 4:20 this afternoon."

verb: "let's go quail some trees" "wanna quail it up this afternooon?" "voulez-vous quailez avec moi? c'est soir?"

adjective: "this weed is so quail, is it from amsterdam?" "your mom is so quail, is she from amsterdam?" "your mom's weed is so quail, is it from amsterdam?"
by the notorious lkp January 25, 2006
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