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This is said to be performed by having your friend place both his palms on your hands, then performing a double facepalm. It takes practice and careful coordination to perform properly.

Not much else is known about the elusive quadruple facepalm, other than it killed it's creator: Hans Garfludeldorf (the same man who once constructed an entire castle out of duct-tape). He attempted to perform the quadruple facepalm without the aid of another person; he died from blunt trauma to the face. Since then, few have dared attempt the quadruple facepalm by themselves for fear of their lives.
Me and my friend saw this guy I know run up to an officer, stoned out of his mind and naked, and punch him in the face while screaming, "I wanna have your babies!". My friend and I performed the Quadruple Facepalm, because the guy failed so epically at life.
by Legnug January 22, 2011

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