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An abbreviation of "quad-bag-bike", which is an amalgamation of 2 meanings of double-bagging and a bike.

1) Double bagging - the act of putting on 2 condoms before having sex, because a girl is so dirty that you are worried about catching something

e.g. "Urgh, that girl I banged last night was such a sket, I had to double-bag!"

2) Double bagging - the act of putting a bag over your own head as well as her head before sex, to prevent you accidently seeing how ugly she is

e.g. "You're so ugly, you're what we call a double-bagger. That means that I need to put a bag over my own head, just in case the one on your head breaks!"

3) A bike - a slutty girl who fucks around a lot

e.g. "She's such a whore, she's like the village bike. Everyone's had a ride!"
I can't beleive how hammered I was last night, I pulled a quadbike!
by woolfman3 March 25, 2010
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