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An internet site created from the ruins of AWOT after AudiWorld management sold out to Internet Brands and subsequently converted from the beloved KAWF software to the much maligned vB software in direct opposition to the will of its members.

This will go down in history as one of the biggest mass-exodus of a forum membership to a competing forum in the history of the internet. This was a direct result of Internet Brands and AudiWorld management failure to understand the appeal of their existing product. This is a classic definition of management arrogance triumphing over the ability of a membership to vote with their feet.
QWOT is the new AWOT.
by Audilingus May 21, 2009
91 16
Rule #1. There is no QWOT
"does QWOT exist?"
"There is no QWOT."
by Thrilla from Manila March 18, 2009
205 63
A forum for homosexuals to discuss different techniques for anal stretching. This forum is a refuge from AWOT where all of the homosexuals were driven off by Internet Brands.
Sup bros? I just figured out a way to fit this coke can in my asshole - see all of the details in the thread I posted over at QWOT!
by Jason Teller March 18, 2009
28 265