Queensland Ultra TAFE
QUT calls itself a university for the real world, while UQ is a real university.
by anon e mouse January 20, 2008
Top Definition
QUT- Queensland University of technology. A place where non white people gather to indiscriminately copy other peoples work and put their name on it. Also thought to be the place where China is staging its invasion from (Asian invasion).
you're white, you should be at UQ
by Vice chancellor June 21, 2005
Quolloquial slang meaning "What's up with that?"

Derived from "Quintuple-U" "T" = "Double-u" "U" "Double-u" "T" = WUWT = What's up with that?
Kris: Dude, I need you to be my wingman and go with her friend.

Dan: You want me to FTW? QUT?
by Tax-onomy August 27, 2009
the sound made by acne spot when you squeeze it really hard and it bursts with high pressure
ooh, ike.... arghhhhh QUT!
by Nickobrevin May 11, 2006
QUT a university in Queensland commonly called Super Tafe
Kate: Where do you go to uni?
Jack: QUT
Kate; Oh, super tafe, right...
by ech0 August 18, 2005

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