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To make your dreams come true. Scientifically, this happens when you think of something you want to do, your thoughts then activate the growth of brain cells. This then guides your subconcious and concious through the steps of manifesting that dream into reality. The trick is, you must act apon those thoughts. Matter = thought + design.

Standing up for the first time creates brain cells that are engaged every other time you get up. If you never stand up again, your brain cells will eventually die off, you will then have to re-think what you need to do to stand up and re-grow those cells.
Billy: I am going to make the top 500 richest people in Australia.

James: Oh yeah! And how do you think you will do that?

Billy: I'll quantumize it. You'll have to wait an see...Do you want a job? I'll make you famous!

Another example is in the original Willy Wonker movie. When Grandpa George had to relearn to stand-up and walk after 30 years or so of staying in bed.
by VICKI KARMA October 18, 2006
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