Queer i like to fuck. Especially used when a straight guy finds a gay guy hot.
Barbette is totally a QILF!!!
by adzab April 29, 2011
"Queen I'd like to Fuck" - The acronym given to a queen, or a princess in line to throne, who you would happily have sexual relations with.
I'm not really that fussed about the upcoming royal wedding between Kate Middleton and Prince William.

I am in favour of such a QILF, though.
by stereo_world April 26, 2011
A current or future QUEEN which you would love to make love to in many ways...
Wow, I'd love to have sex with Kate Middleton, potentially a future QILF
by quilfpope April 29, 2011
Quadriplegic Queen I'd Like to Fuck.
Whoa, look at Princess Di - that hot chick who was in that horrendous car wreck is such a QILF
by GlobalReachMy4rse March 13, 2009
Quilter I'd like to fuck
Man, what a QILF! I'd like to get under a quilt with her!
by Anon February 23, 2005
Quack I'd like to fuck
PHWOAR! My doctor is a total QILF! I came out of the surgery with a prescription and the boner of a lifetime!
by davenotdave November 19, 2004
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