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An internet chat lingo character that symbolizes a big giant face with Boxing Gloves on. Kinda looks like kirby.
Rarely used because it takes too damn long to type.
N3wbz0rs: I'm selling Newb Armor for 11k
cupcake_princess54: haha
LarryTheLobster: Hmmm, I'll buy for 9k
Kirby: Q(0_0Q)
N3wbz0rs: What the Heck..?
LarryTheLobster: ??? o.0
Kirby: Q(0_0Q)
N3wbz0rs: What is that..?
LarryTheLobster: I dun know o.0 Never seen it before...
cupcake_princess54: haha
LarryTheLobster: Shut up newb!! >:(
by Bradford J.F Soriano December 26, 2008

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