to Q (or cue) something, is to take possession of a limited resource without intent of returning or repaying for said resource.

To overtly Q something from someone, one must express sure-hearted, convincing intentions on repaying the owner for the used property, but never do so.
"Hey, can I Q some of your toothpaste?"

"My beer in the fridge is gone. Someone Q'd a half a case from me."

"If you Q me again I'll take it out of your ass."
#q #cue #steal #borrow #jew #mooch #scrub #milk
by Gingrich March 30, 2008
A Federal Q2 siren, the last mechanical siren made for a moving vehicle. It's almost always used on fire apparatus.
It's loud as hell. R=The next best thing to playing an MP3 of "Move bitch! Get out the way!' on a badass PA system.
"It ain't a fire truck without a siren." Federal Signal slogan
by Federalq2b May 14, 2005
A dark perverted dirty Indian man who preys on weak vulnerable women for his sexual pleasures.
That Q wants to bang everthing in sight!
#pervert #nympho #dark skinned #constantly horny #dangerous
by tsxnyse November 24, 2010
What the Q?
#q #qqq #qqqq #q'tastic #superior
by Glenn_Quagmire January 22, 2007
a short-form for the words FUCK YOU...others include CALL YOU.."fuck all of you"...and KOFF...."fuck off"
Teacher: Matt Do a Lap.
Matt: Q
Teacher: what did you say
Matt: KOFF
#qu #que #koff #call you #quuu
by Branden Warner August 14, 2006
disgusting /faggot /mole
Qasim G looked like a Q (all 3 meanings) as always
#qasim #qasim g #qqqq #moleface #gayboy
by team aq January 03, 2008
it means thank you, and is thank-you, than-q.. then just q
-hey u can have my essay notes faye
-q mike
by scrotum head faithful March 12, 2005
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