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Good looking and cool dude. Short for "GQ" as in the magazine.
"Honey quit complaining, I know you ain't got no job, your daddy's in prison and your aunty's a crack whore, but girl, your new man, the one I saw you wit at the hearing yesterday, girlfriend, that new man of yours, he be Q!
by Joe Tuttle March 08, 2009
1 6
short for "cock you".
another way of saying "fuck you" or "screw you" or basically telling someone that you hate them. When you say "cock you" very fast it souds like Q.
sally : hey willie you are lame

willie : Q

sally : what?
by poppet lover helllo March 30, 2008
5 10
when a really gullible person tricks another gullible person of lesser gullibility.
Mahesh lives in my wing.
by mike xie February 22, 2005
166 171
Something that is totally, astonishingly, stupendously good.
"Deirdre, that t-shirt you got me is most definitely Q."
by Hamish Robertson October 16, 2003
15 20
A dark perverted dirty Indian man who preys on weak vulnerable women for his sexual pleasures.
That Q wants to bang everthing in sight!
by tsxnyse November 24, 2010
1 7
Cute, just without the t
"look at that Q babe in that mustang
by thereal Q April 26, 2009
3 9
to Q (or cue) something, is to take possession of a limited resource without intent of returning or repaying for said resource.

To overtly Q something from someone, one must express sure-hearted, convincing intentions on repaying the owner for the used property, but never do so.
"Hey, can I Q some of your toothpaste?"

"My beer in the fridge is gone. Someone Q'd a half a case from me."

"If you Q me again I'll take it out of your ass."
by Gingrich March 30, 2008
10 16