When, through absolutely ridiculous circumstances, you fail to communicate with friends, lie about your inevitable late arrivals, and in general, you have zero credibility
We were supposed to go to the biergarten today, but Stephen pulled a Q by losing his cell and we couldn't reach him.
by West James August 01, 2010
1. The 600th number in the alphabet
2. A girl with a scrotum who pretends to be an awkward man whore who quotes king of the hill.

Synonyms include: stalker fag stalkerfag, The applegate, Mr.shoveadickinme and walrus mangina.

Sending this woman AKA superqfire a message on xbox live telling him of free schlong will eliminate her forever.
I just masturbated for the Qth time today!

I told the superqfire he could get free schlong! Hey where did your mother go?
by The anti Q January 19, 2010
Cute, just without the t
"look at that Q babe in that mustang
by thereal Q April 26, 2009
Short for "quitting", "exiting", typically from a chat room or online game. Can also be used to greet off another person who is quitting, and is oft acknowledged as a substitute for "bye", "l8r", "cu".
You: q
(you leave)

Him: g2g, q
You: q
(he leaves, you stay)
by Annihilator (tPW) May 11, 2006
when a really gullible person tricks another gullible person of lesser gullibility.
Mahesh lives in my wing.
by mike xie February 22, 2005
Something that is totally, astonishingly, stupendously good.
"Deirdre, that t-shirt you got me is most definitely Q."
by Hamish Robertson October 16, 2003
gayest letter of the alphabet. pretty much an O with a jazz hand. can be used to replace the adjective "gay" but is seemingly less offensive.
guy #1: "dude, my friends just bailed on me to go see Avatar..."
guy #2: "wow...your friends are Q."
by KayLahhCee January 26, 2011
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