An O with a lack of modesty.
Q: Hey bro.
O: Dude, your dick's hanging out...
by muferfuqqer November 18, 2012
The "Q" is the stadium in Cleveland best known for being the home court for the NBA's Cleveland Cavaliers.
"And Lebron James throws the hammer down at the Q" -Austin Carr.
by Ritta March 01, 2010
A character who made his first appearence in Street Fighter 3: Third Strike. Q is a figure, wearing a trench coat, hat and a featureless face mask, who appears in various locations around the world during distasters. Nothing else is known about him.
In Street Fighter 2 a man appears on the boat on Ken's stage who bears a striking resemblence to Q, though this has not been confirmed.

Q is like super creepy
by Darkverge April 01, 2007
Well this a letter that needs not be guessed on that show where you guess those words...Wheel Of Fortune! That's it.
HOST:Okay Shaniqua, your turn.
SHANIQUA:Umm, okay, Q!
HOST:Uhh, no q's. *whispers* "Stupid bitch"
by funnymann October 30, 2007
Slang for Nesquick which kids would sniff to get high from. also known as speed.

made famous by the amazing Dane Cook
Im strung out on my bigwheel hyped up on the "Q"....kickball? no im not up for kickball today.
by laurence alexander September 23, 2007
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