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(prounounced "pingea")

A girl that gets really deep when she's off her face at a party, potentially on pingers, psychadelics or plain old alcohol. Named after The pythia, or the oracle at the temple of apollo in Delphi in Ancient Greece, who would be off her face on some kind of gas (archaeologists believe) when she would give prophecies to the leaders of the Greek world.
"Oh my god, can't you like see that we are all one with the universe and love connects every self realising section of developed star dust?"
"Man, julie over there is a total Pyngia right now."

"last weekend becky told me she still loved me when she was pyngiaing it up at barry's party"

"what's up man, you've really changed in the past few weeks?"
"yeah, everything changed after i talked to some pyngia about where my life was headed."
by poopstuff97 June 10, 2013
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