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based the slogan of the former president, g.w. bush, members the pwnership society are the upper class neocons and neodemocrat investment banker capitalists and wall street insider types who sold ordinary americans on the idea that everyone, no matter how rich or poor, or how financially insolvent, can and should own a piece of america; by purchasing a home in their 20s or putting their life savings into the stock market instead of relying on a lifetime of savings and good judgement, and God forbid, the antiquated "social security" system their grandfathers and grandmothers fought so hard for... thus spurring wonderful things like the housing bubble and credit default swap insurance crisis, which nearly led to the collapse of the world economy. these individuals were bailed out by the wholly by the TARP legislation and are not in the least threatened by the stagnation of the current economic situation of 2010.

members of the pwnership society hold no respect for the values of the middle classes, or love of the arts or learning, as some wealthy, socially minded american families once did, like the kennedys, rockefellers, carnegies, even if they say they do. members of the pwnership society care about themselves, their homes in aspen, miami, manhattan, the south of france, cocaine, plastic surgery, sex, and their investments, and especially, their bank balance.
Trip Jones, a member the Pwnership Society (Harvard MBA, 2002), exited his office at Goldman Sachs, did a line of coke on the hood of his BMW SUV, and laughed hysterically at the the night watchmen, who was in fact a sign painter, but who had taken the extra job to put his second son through school. "There but for the grace of the TARP bailout go I," thought Trip.

The best and the brightest among us, who once sought to do things with themselves, to become humanitarians, scientists, doctors, engineers, industrialists, philosophers, authors, artists, now seek to become financial investment wizards, stock traders, and Hedge Fund managers, members of the Pwnership Society, who spin money from nothing, controlling our financial fates, yet do little to create actual wealth or economic growth, or employment.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerber deflected his nominal membership in the Pwnership Society with his recent donation of 100 million dollars to Newark schools.
by soldierboy1974 September 27, 2010
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