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(n.) a dynamic individual defined by intelligence, charm and charisma; a man of caring nature; an incredibly handsome man with the longest, darkest eyelashes ever seen; someone who loves himself beyond words; a great listener; a dependable devil’s advocate; a dork; a person who does not seek medical treatment; a person who cannot multi-task; someone born during the 1950's; a man of unwavering confidence; a man who tells funny jokes; a talented dancer known to use his arms as a means to whip his body around in a circular motion; someone who paces; a person whose hands smell like oranges; an ever-evolving, self-aware, brilliant, ambitious man; someone who i love very, very much.
by maria perez. March 11, 2011
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(Pineapple Up Your Ass) Slang word meaning the divine art of inserting a (mainly pineapple) fruit and/or vegetable into one's anus. This trend spreading across the globe has been the cause to the shortage in pineapple worldwide.
"Hey bro I got a fresh supply in today, i thought we'd treat ourselves to a little kiwi after our pineapple"

"P.U.Y.A. party? Count me in!"
by Tidesss November 10, 2011
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