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N. A term derived from Looney Toone's Tweety Bird's famous line, "I thought I taw a putty tat". This form of putty tat refers to a female's vagina but only the best pussy can be called a putty tat.
Man 1: Didn't you and her....
Man 2: Oh hells yeah nigga she got that putty tat.
#pussy #vagina #cunt #kitty #cat
by B.K. Vaughan May 27, 2006
Tweety Birds way of saying a tattoo on a girls "putty"
You: Man I had such a great time with Skyla last night!

Your friend: Ew why? She's nasty.

You: Yeah man, but she has the worlds sexiest putty tat!
#twety bird #sexiest #skyla #nasty #last night
by A person you don't know A.K.A September 04, 2012
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