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I) That awkward sound when you walk into a bathroom and you hear someone who couldn't physically hold it in ..

II) The sound you make when it ejects like a pellet gun.
Dave: Oh man, I just walked into the bathroom and heard another guy putting..
Matt : Putting?
Dave: as in putt putt putt putt putt
by lj182 July 03, 2011

to engulf/subsume(as in the golf technique) your own testicles in your own anus. Having engulfed/subsumed your own balls into your own bumhole, you have someone penetrate you in your ass with a dildo/strap on or penis or any other .
dave: i start of with a rusty tombone last night, then my dave:i was getting a rusty trombone, when my partner started to milk my balls, and then my partner said 'shall i putt you....'

john: whats putting?

dave: its when your stick your balls up your own ass and then have someone fuck you

john: oh,nice
by the putter 2012 December 08, 2012
One thing that many people dont realize putting as golf putt=putting and put=putting put is to place and putting is a light stroke made on a green of a golf course.
xela:are you putting that in the hole ?
luap: am i putting or putting it in?
neb:I dont know the difference.
by Ali G's Main man Alex January 10, 2005
The act of putting one's testicles in another's anus, much like a golfer putting a ball in the hole.
Guy 1: Her ass was so loose I started putting into it!
by KnightKnight April 20, 2015
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