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An alternative name for the compound Polonium-210 that was used to kill a critic of the Putin Administration in London. Polonium is so rare or a naturally occuring radioactive Isotope that it has to be created. The sheer gall of the action, however, is nothing in comparison to the big picture. Russia is but a shadow of what the USSR once was; they are in essence a third world country with no real infrastructure of consequence. On top of this assasination, two Anti-Putin Journalists were also killed. The Bear is not buried at all; it lays silent in the shadows, wounded, angry, and above all, dangerous.
The Putinium (Polonium-210) used in the assassination of the former KGB operative in London was traced back to a Russian Nuclear plant. Go figure.....1918 replay....the Bear Rising.
by Ironbrand January 28, 2007

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You must be out of your mind to want to visit Putinia now! Old Weaselface is off his rocker!
by pentozali June 03, 2014