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Sausage Party for Girls.
Margaret is having a pussy party, and all females are invited.
by Crosk November 27, 2011
101 20
A private all girl party attended by bi/les curious females for sexual experimentation (i.e. an all girl orgy). Pussy parties are usually small and involve close circles of friends, but can sometimes be much bigger if they involve larger social networks (i.e. sororities). Pussy parties occur among girls/women of all ages. Pussy parties are private functions that have an air of secrecy about them. Many women who attend pussy parties deny any knowledge or involvement in them.
I heard that Kelly, Sarah, and Jenny went over to Amy's house last night for a party, but no one else was invited. Must have been a pussy party.
by DBT July 29, 2006
93 22
Opposite of a sausage fest, where girls are outnumbering guys. Great if your a straight guy, not so great if you are gay.
10girls. 2guys. this is a pussyparty .
by IFailLol November 09, 2009
3 5
A Party in which one lad holds in his own house and invites a small selection of well known guys and twice as many girls to try get each guy his pussy. If successful the lad holding the party gains a lot of respect and a cheeky handjob from each guy which participated.

Invented in Glasgow 2013
Mate any chance you wanna have a "Pussy Party" next weekend?
by Lad 2.0 March 14, 2013
2 10
(noun): The opposite of a sausage fest, hence meaning an excess percentage of vaginas in the group.
I know, its a complete pussy party.
by straightcountry February 22, 2011
2 23
A party that is usually around a swimming pool where the girls are naked and the guys are not.
Johnny:I totally saw Vera's tits at the Pussy party.

Troy: I totally saw her butt

Garth: I screwed her through a hole in the wall and she thought I was Chad!

Troy: Cool Garth!

Chad: Aaargh!!!
by Bjerrnica June 08, 2005
12 69