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Pussymove - 'an action where one person is being a dick to another, and the other pulls a 'pussymove' by sucking up to the person to try and make it right again'
'dude i did a pussymove the other day when rachel tryed to break up with me'
by KT852 March 22, 2009
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a girl/guy who use friend or hommies to help fight aginst 1 person

a girl/guy of attact from behind

who can fight one on one
mimi: did you see the fight a skool. she attacted from behind

leaha: yea that was a pussy move
by chola101 November 07, 2010
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A weak impression that something is being thrown by someone to a situation.
Trying to have a argument to this dude, but he is not willing to and blocked me for no legit reason. What a pussy-move.
by erzz16 July 23, 2015
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