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An alcoholic beverage consisting of Jägermeister mixed 50:50 with pink lemonade, served over ice.

Alternate Spelling: Püssymeister.

AKA: Jägerpussy, Jägerpüssy, Jägerminge, Jägerflange and Jägerfanny.
I can barely stand up. I had one too many Pussymeisters before we left the house.
by Spambanjo October 16, 2011
One who is a master of pussy. This person, usually male, can get some pussy whenever he wants and doesn't even have to try. He knows how to get in and out without any of that emotional drama that often comes with pussies. His male peers look upon him as a symbol of hope, for maybe one day they will be half the man that he is.
Person 1: Hey man did you hear about that one guy who got with all of those hot pussies last night?
Person 2: Yeah I heard he was with at least 10 girls at the same time!
Person 1: Man I'm soo jelly. He's such a pussymeister!
by TheRealPussyMeister May 17, 2011
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