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The act of rubbing, grinding or sliding the outer lips of a wet vagina against an erect penis until a man ejaculates.
I'm not allowing you to put that filthy little cock inside my tight, wet pussy, but I'll give you a hot & nasty 'pussyjob' until your cum explodes.
by Trevrep August 27, 2016
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A sexual act involving a man assuming the traditional female missionary role and the female partner humping his dick.
Lemme lay back while you give me a Pussyjob.
by anon7657392 October 22, 2011
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a sexual role-playing act where a face is drawn on the lower abdomin of a female, the vagina being the mouth. When intercourse is preformed this gives the man the illusion of recieving felatio.
I drew a clown the last time Cheryl gave me a pussy job. It was hilarious.

I love it when Anne has a huge bush because it looks like a bearded dude is blowing me when she gives me a pussy job.
by Bassemonk1 August 07, 2011
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The female equivalent of getting oral sex. It's like a blowjob but for females!! You know? Like when you lick and finger and eat a girl's pussy! or do other stuff to it.. That's a pussyjob! :3
"I gave you a blowjob! Now get down and give me a pussyjob"

Girl:"ill give you a blow job if you give me a pussyjob"
Guy: "ok!"
by the-perverted-shinigami June 26, 2012
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sexual intercourse with a woman, more commonly known as sex or banging
John: Hey man, did you get laid last night?!

Other guy: Yeah man, one of the best pussyjobs I've had in a while!
by Efrum, the retarded rabbit. February 16, 2011
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