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A disease that targets the male species and causes them to be more like the female of the species.

-no longer enjoying the taste of beer.
-no longer liking sports.
-agreeing with your wife.
-listening to your wife.
-choosing to be with your wife instead of drinking beer with the guys/team after the game.
-unquenchable urge to shave your box 24/7.

-a night out with guys involving borderline alcohol poisoning and a strip club. Patient must be left on his door step and his doorbell rung for his wife to find.

Cure only works in some cases and may take several doses before a full cure can be obtained.
Golfer 1 - "I guess it will just be a threesome today."

Golfer 2 - "Where's Kyle?"

Golfer 1 - "He just called, he's not coming, his scorching case of pussyitis flared up again."
by CMAK in the shwa May 20, 2008
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When one has the oppertunity to complete and chokes horribly with some stupid excuse. Especially with a pussyass blister.
Player one Now that James is hurt will Pinkle play fullback?
Player 2 No he went out with a blister.
Player 1 O he must have a case of pussyitis.
by JC January 11, 2004
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when someone gets sand in their eye and goes to the ER
"Ben got sand in his eye while bodysurfing and went to the hospital in nantucket and got diagnosed with big ass case of pussyitis"
by Eric (gay) May 29, 2005
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the result of a rare disease in males know to man as crooked jaw . commonly caused by excessive praying and wheghtlifting, but most apperent in subjects who look like trolls the best known cure for this disease is to grow SOME FUCKING NUTS and stop taking it up the butt.
holy shit look at that crooked jaw, the poor son of a bitch must have pussyitits.
by anonymous January 08, 2004
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A condition people get by not listening to enough metal.
"He doesn't like Iron Maiden? Damn, he must have a serious case of pussyitis."
"Yeah, he needs to go to the doctor and get a prescription for a pair of testicles."
by Nobsocks June 21, 2007
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