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1.)n. The flakes of the crust growing on an especially nasty pussy
2.)n. Someone who exhibits or could be likened to pussyflakes.
1.) She shook her PUSSYFLAKES on me.

2.) Hey, what's up PUSSYFLAKES?
by Clayboy April 29, 2006
2 9
When a female is laying in a bed after being aroused and getting all juicy, and there isn't much humidity in the air, and that mucous-juice dries and begins to flake off her reproductive/excretory area.
Woah, Kristy. You're just brushing that shit off onto my bed? Like I want to sleep on your pussy flakes? You never get to complain about me doing anything gross ever again.
by Jer0EM July 10, 2008
33 8