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Slang term for "Pansyfist", usually used for insulting pacifists directly.
Guy 1: "Ok, I'm ready for this, but leave the pussyfists here."
Guy 2: "Thats fine, you two pansyfists stay here."
Guy 3: "Aw man, you guys need to stop making fun of my pacifism."
Guy 4: "I agree."
by TABIMLBenny September 22, 2009
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A person that commits heinous acts and acts offended when others commit similar heinous acts. Someone that cannot face the truth and tries to polish over awkward situations with jargon and bullshit.
Cheap, low class, pussyfist whores - all of them! They get their dirty laundry out in the light for folks to see what kind of trash they really are and then they "get offended" that someone had the balls to speak the truth.
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