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Someone who is scared, or cowardly.
Person One = "You Drinking Tonight Mate?"
Person Two = "Naa. Im Staying Sober".
Person Three = "You Pussy Cunt!"
by Freindling May 11, 2008
Also see bitchcunt
A fearful individual. Completely useless in moments of confrontation.
Dude 1: Come on, we can take 'em!
Dude 2: Nah lets just get of here.
Dude 1: Don't be such a pussycunt.
by Luke the man J February 14, 2008
used to describe a gay man who has a fetish for women's genitals. A term used to describe a man's sexual position in phone sex with another gay man. The man who is a pussy cunt will describe his ass as being a vagina. Denoting the fantasy of being a bottom and have the ability to have a clitoral orgasm and/or the ability to get pregnant through homosexual intercourse.
Although Joe was completely homosexual, he described himself as a pussy cunt while hunting for sexual partners during phone sex.
by Steven2Boston April 04, 2009