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an insult calling u a transvestite or one that is not of known gender.
Your a little pussycock!
by Russell Longgrear March 30, 2008
Refers to a significantly small penis. So small it may even be mistaken for a clitoris.

Can also be used as an insult toward any cheap whining bastard that pisses you off when you hear their squealing voice or see their ugly face full of acne scars.

Can also be used during sex when you and your partner are finished but too tired to "pull out". You both have made a "pussycock".
1. Wow bro, how does your girl even sit on that pussycock of yours.

2. STFU you fkin pussycock.

3. Babe you done?...Ya, you?...Ya...Want to quit pussycockin'?..Nah Lets pussycock for a bit more.
by Mickdick March 05, 2012

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