a cute, sexy, fun female
(not real names)

My friend would go great with james, she is such a pussycat doll.
by Maricor March 06, 2006
They're sexy...they make good music...so what's the problem with this amazing six-girl band? Is it "Don't Cha"? Is it "Beep"? No. The only problem with these chicks is that they're all fucking whores. In the video for "Buttons", they all strip down to their underwear and start feeling themselves...or at least Nicole (the only one who can actually sing) does. Their song "Don't Cha" is about Busta Rhymes cheating on his girlfriend and hanging with PCD. They even had the nerve to help Will.I.Am piss off the Black Eyed Peas' record company by singing "Beep". Nicole would be better off as a solo artist.
The Pussycat Dolls make great music, but they could be less slutty
by I LISTEN 2 EVERYTHING August 03, 2006
The pussycat dolls are a girl group phenomenon. Alot perceive their sexiness as sluttiness, however they do believe that the pussycat dolls are "sassy but classy." People say that they are nothing but a bunch of bimboes who can't sing, but their album - pcd - has reached DOUBLE PLATINUM, and they have already had FIVE hit singles. That in itself is an accomplishment. part of the reason why they dress so promiscuously is so that they get noticed - people like sexiness. Artists like beyonce, or kylie minogue or JLo would not be as famous without their sex appeal. Most of their songs are about female empowerment, and their video clips do not necessarily mean they want men. Alot of girls like to dress up sexily, its about femininity, expressing themselves and basically portraying the message 'i don't need a man for me to look or feel this good'. They are so incredibly full of talent - they can dance and sing, and other respected artists like Busta Rhymes, Will.i.am and Snoop Dogg would not have performed with them if they did not think this either.
The pussycat dolls can't sing.
Their album has gone to double platnium *no comment*
by j joyce May 13, 2007
I've read all the other definition and been laughing my ass off. Many people said this band has nothing but everybody has to admit the truth that they are one of the popular bands nowadays that almost everybody knows. If you guys think they're horrible at singing and just be popular becuz they're hot...try to think if you can ever be like them (in other words...find a mirror and look at your fat asses lol)... and really did u say the lead singer can't sing? Did you ever heard she sings solo or accapella?? just becuz those songs they perform are not intented to show off the vocals doesnt mean they can't sing...
Pussycat dolls: a new group in America that is trying to take in a different direction (how many groups can both sing and dance -_-), though they're having some difficulty in the process of winning those dumbass close-minded people, they will somehow mature and shape themselves to be more unique in the future.
Pussycat dolls is one of the newer group in US and trying to shift in a different direction to make themselves unique.
by tokichop September 23, 2007
A singing group that has been around for a while but recently decided to go on their own. Evidently an UD hated group. Truth is there are just 6 girls, who all sing.

Like 90% of their songs are sexually suggestive.
The pussycat dolls is the Shnitz
by SOLofSLC November 14, 2006
An all female six member pop group that represents women independance and self confidence in your sexuality and womenhood. Their about being flirtatious and teasing without going too far. Also, not relying on a man to make you feel sexy is part of their message to fellow females. The Pussycat Dolls are talented women who embrace female empowerment and sex appeal which some men mistake that sense of confidence with sluttiness.
The Pussycat dolls show a type of self assured women who knows exactly what she wants and isn't afraid to tell you what she doesn't. If you can't step up to their plate or if your not a real man stop wearing big boy clothes!
by Natasha * August 20, 2007
The Pussycat Dolls are 6 Talented,Beautiful,Amazing girls and have had much success with their music with many fans!
Their Songs Are Great! Don't Cha,Buttons,Stickwitu,Beep & More!
PCD-Nicole Kimberly Ashley Melody Jessica Carmit-PCD
The Pussycat Dolls are the best!!!

by PCDFAN4LYF February 28, 2008
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