I've read all the other definition and been laughing my ass off. Many people said this band has nothing but everybody has to admit the truth that they are one of the popular bands nowadays that almost everybody knows. If you guys think they're horrible at singing and just be popular becuz they're hot...try to think if you can ever be like them (in other words...find a mirror and look at your fat asses lol)... and really did u say the lead singer can't sing? Did you ever heard she sings solo or accapella?? just becuz those songs they perform are not intented to show off the vocals doesnt mean they can't sing...
Pussycat dolls: a new group in America that is trying to take in a different direction (how many groups can both sing and dance -_-), though they're having some difficulty in the process of winning those dumbass close-minded people, they will somehow mature and shape themselves to be more unique in the future.
Pussycat dolls is one of the newer group in US and trying to shift in a different direction to make themselves unique.
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by tokichop September 23, 2007
Top Definition
The Pussycat dolls are a group of thin *couhg* ladies who originated from Burlesque dancing at Johnny Depps Viper room to mind washing men by preaching

"dont you wish your girlfriend was hott/raw/fun like me..."


Stick to stripping, its what yer good at.
"Didya see the pussycat dolls whoreing themselves on t.v again this morning?"
by Kate .B September 17, 2005
A group of talentless women who wanna be hip-hop stars but were formerly dancers in a club...which is where they should have stayed cos it's what they're good at?. Face it, there songs aren't that special and they picked the worst looking one to be the main singer.
Pussycat dolls: "Dontcha wish your girlfriend was hot like me?"
Guy: "you're not hot, you're just a slutty ex-dancer"
#pussycat dolls #wannabes #fake #talentless #butterz
by Ethers December 08, 2005
a 34-member pop sensation female group, with only one singer.
If i had a dollar for every individual in the female sensation
group the pussycat dolls, i would have 34 dollars.
#the pussycat dolls #damn i'd hit it #cats #females #spice girls #tag
by verycool June 24, 2006
disgusting band consisting entirely of sluts. it would be possible to ignore how sluttily they act, if they sang songs that were bearable. their lyrics mean absolutely nothing, and their film clips just degrade themselves and make any sensible person who even had a shred of respect for them, lose all of that.

and to that person who said that if anyone disliked their music, we were just jealous of them, it's hilarious that you honestly believe that statement! how is it possible to have respect for 30 girls who dress like whores, feel themselves in film clips and who only have one singer? i think you need to wake up, and see these girls as the sluts they really are.
the pussycat dolls have absolutely no respect for themselves whatsoever. it's disgusting that children are exposed to such slutty behaviour. musicians are supposed to be someone that kids look up to for role models, so i'll be greatly surprised if all of the people who like this shit don't end up as prostitutes or absolute sluts.
#if you listen to this kind of shit #try something decent: breaking benjamin #staind #revelation theory #audiovent #trust company #seether #smile empty soul #tonic #social burn #three days grace #with broken wings #cold #crossfade
by melaniemelaniemelanie August 21, 2006
The Pussycat Dolls - A group of whores who have destroyed any hope of raising children who won't grow up to be strippers.

Urban Dictionary search PCD
"Im a sexy mama"
*takes off clothes*
"Who knows just how to get what I wanna"
*takes off rest of clothes*
*gives some random a lap dance*

Lyrics taken from "Buttons"

Mommy, I want to be like the pussycat dolls when I grow up.
#sluts #whores #strippers #ugly #wannabes
by ITM-Xenu July 26, 2006
a lead singer with a WHOLE mess of back up singers, one of which doesn't sing, yet "speaks in tune" with her EXTREMELY obnoxious voice.
there is no example, because no other "singing group" (assuming that pussycat dolls is a singing group and not just a bunch of hoes dancing to music they didn't make) has ever had one lead singer and left everyone else in the dust.
#hooker #ho #hoes #slut #stupid
by Bekkah J. September 14, 2006
The newest form of "crap" music in America. They are a six member pop group that whore themselves out in their videos and in their songs. Although, they are all "hot", that is not an excuse for them being so mainstream popular. They are a bad influence and are slowly turning a generation of children into prostitutes.

They're the new Spice Girls.
The Pussycat Dolls should not be allowed to make videos anymore.
#pussycat #dools #whores #pcd #crap
by Roki November 18, 2006
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