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Something you may not be that often
You may not be a pussycake that often.
9 3
white cheddar Rice cake snacks that often smell like the vagina of a rotting corpse. however, these are extremely amazing and your taste buds will become huge fans. do not let the awful smell deceive you. "my girlfriend smells like pussy cakes."
by pussycakes 101 June 29, 2010
16 2
Someone who possesses the characteristics of a pussy and/or someone who gives excuses to get out of doing shit.
Mick: "Hey Bret, wanna play football with us?"
Bret: "I'm too sore to play football..."
Mick: "Awwwww... Pussycakes!"
by TroyBradshaw November 10, 2009
11 2
a person who acts in a very lame or retarded manner
stop being a pussycake and let me drive
by Mike March 29, 2005
12 18
dirogatory term: the act of not joining in on things that others are doing. being a pussy and or as soft as a cake
zane: hey avery you wanna go egg that one hippy in 3rd period?

garris: no thats mean and what if we get cuaght?

zane: so what stop being a little pussy cake
by zane123456 May 11, 2006
27 38