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a compound word acceptable in elite social circles to denote one who is typically unable to finish their meal, insists on ordering a shamefully paltry portion because of weight concerns, or one who is irksomely flaky

it may also describe someone who is disturbingly subservient to the whims and wishes of particular *vagina, though this definition is more widely understood among those of a lower socioeconomic class and should not be used in the manner as the first definition

*its should be noted that it is exclusively the reproductive organ that the individual in question is subordinate and submissive to and not the female (or male) with which the vagina is associated
- You cahnt finish yore sahled? Bloodyhell, yore suhch a pussybitch.

- Yo, whaii ya gotta be sucha lil' pussybitch tuh Rhonbeefa's hoo-ha?"
by Sexylova69 July 15, 2010
4 4
A man who is dominated by his girlfriend. It is widely understood that said man has had his balls removed and has lash marks on his back from his girlfriend whipping him the night before.
"John is watching a movie with Ann, so he isn't coming out with us tonight."
"What a pussy bitch."
by cashmoneymillionaire December 05, 2006
179 67
a male that acts like a girl when it comes to basically everything, someone that wants what he wants and complains when it aint the right way. Pussy bitch is used to describe a sissy type of guy that don't got any balls to do anything.
by CCMB62492[= November 02, 2009
65 35
A pussy who also happens to be a bitch. There are many qualities one must have in order to be a qualified pussybitch. These include being a pussy and being a bitch. It also does not hurt one if he is a fag or a gay ass nigga.
Christopher Taraszka is a pussybitch
by dabawsss August 30, 2011
19 6
One who is consistently timid and anxious in regards to most life situations. They cower and hide and refuse to accept reality. The perfect combination of a pussy and a bitch.
Brian Suarez. Brian Suarez refuses to check his Organic Chemistry grade because he is a Pussy-Bitch. Someone needs to smack this Pussy-Bitch so he can grow a pair(of testicles).
by FrankieMoney September 25, 2012
11 1
a term preferably used towards males when they act in a manner in which they are also called punks, bitches, pussys, etc...all of those terms combined
my friend was acting like a pussybitch when we was about to jump those motherfuckers down the street but he got scared....i became infuriated with him so i called him a pussybitch...
by Brett Harris a.k.a| LIL'QUEST| February 26, 2008
10 6
the ultimate punk-ass, coward, weak assed bitch. will run from anything (from fights to the opposite sex)
wes ran up on that fool and he broke camp like the pussy bitch he is.

he tried to holla at ole girl but went out like a pussy bitch.
by raoul-op September 04, 2006
75 71
adjective. something that is so gaythat gay isn't a strong enough word to describe. used to describe anything that one doesn't approve of.
"Why are you studying? That's pussy-bitch." "Stop being such a pussybitch and come to the parade." "I received a failing grade, how pussy-bitch is that?"
by iBar October 09, 2004
12 8