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1) A derogatory term used to describe a male subject who has portrayed himself as a "pussy" or a "wuss". The term was orginally created by a man by the name of Kevin Hicks in the early 1990's. Usage of the term has grown widely since then.
Nick- "I'm not sure if I want to work out tonight man, I'm pretty tired from running earlier."

Kevin- "Hey shit head get your buff arms up PUSSKINS!"
by Brad Mcdouche November 10, 2009
kooterlicious vagina, also see rug, nasty kootamunga

also see "muppet diver"
I need some yogurt, my pusskin is fairly dry.


I'm going to Genie Baby's to get me some of that pusskin.
by jared jones November 01, 2007
A person who is unbelievably pathetic and has been known to wet the bed on multiple occasions. Often cries when attempting to charm women and is ultimately socially retarded.

Frequently professes undying love to those above him on the social ladder.

Often ]masturbates] underneath ones desk in fear of being spotted.
God why are you crying? You're such a Pusskin!

Did you piss your pants? God you Pusskin.

God get away from me you weirdo! I don't love you you pusskin.
by BigJDot May 31, 2010
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