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The belief that the Vagina should be respected and appreciated, as well as the female body in general.
"I refuse to use and lose a girl, that goes against the principles of Pussism."
by Timmy November 24, 2002
1.) (Noun) A philosophical ideal and school of thought based around the qualities of weakness, kindness, and self loathing.

2.) (Adjective) Having a propensity to act out of ideals of weakness, excessive kindness, or self loathing in mind or deed.

3.) (Noun) A person of or having the qualities of shyness, weakness, or nerdyness to an excessive degree which interferes with that person's ability to function normally within society.

4.) (Verb) Placing excessive concern with others feelings, wellness, or values while subordinating your own.

5.) (Noun) A person who is a pussy
1.) "I did not want to give a toast at my brother's wedding because I was nervous, and the stipulations of pussism states that I do not have to make a big deal out of myself"

2.) "Instead of going to the job interview, I decided to stay home and play video games. I'm not good enough for that job. I don't like people judging me."

3.) "My girlfriend slept with my brother, but I didn't want to call her a 'whore' because that might hurt her feelings. It's probably my fault she slept with him because I'm not worthy of a girl like that.

4.) Opposite of: Manly, Awesome, Hardcore, Hardass, Assertive and The Shit.
by Professor Jerry Krieg August 19, 2011
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