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People who are extremely afraid of doing something and refusing to.
"Man, those kids are such pussies, they won't even go into the graveyard at night."
by Evo November 03, 2004
145 64
The box a dick comes in
by anonymous December 06, 2002
48707 15959
1. Nice name for a cat
2. Slang for women's genitals
3. Cowardly
1. I just bought a pussy from the pet store
2. I stroked her pussy
3. He didn't jump, he wass too much of a pussy!
by daimo May 12, 2003
30044 12063
womans vagina
i shave my pussy everyday
by Emily April 18, 2003
26210 11628
1. Obvious to anyone over 1 year old
because they want to pet it

2. Obvious to anyone over 8 years old
because they want to make fun of them

3. Obvious to anyone over 12 years old because they want to make fun of it, but also stare at it, pet it, put stuff in it etc.
1. 5 year old: I want my own pussy cat

2. 10 year old: Stop being a pussy

3. 18 year old: Wear this shirt to the club, you`ll get finer pussy than you thought exists

"Anotha way to call a cat a kitty"
by tanukisanyo May 22, 2005
18231 9158
1. Another word for female genetalia
2. A feline companion.
1. "Pussy feels like warm apple pie."
2. "My pussy got stuck in a tree."
by The Grammar Nazi October 21, 2001
13090 7614
The prime motivating factor in any (straight) males life. Like oxygen, it's only important if you're not getting any. Lack thereof causing depression, anxiety, willingness to do any stupid stunt to get some, and a train of thought that focuses on little but the question of why you're the only one on the planet not getting any.
"Alright we got white pussy, black pussy, Spanish pussy, yellow pussy,
hot pussy, red pussy...try a big pussy for a penny...if you can find
cheaper pussy anywhere...FFUUUCCCKKKK IIIIITTTTTT!"--Cheech Marin
by Jim Cricket May 29, 2005
9786 5011
1.n. The female reproductive organ. Can be used for giving or getting pleasure and orgasm. Sensitive area between the female thighs. Has two lips called labias and has an entrance called vagina. 2.n. A feline. 3. v. when one cannot stand up for ones belief or incapable of the capabilities.
1. "You need to go down on my pussy if you want me to go down on your penis." 2. "Here pussy pussy...where did my pussy cat go?" 3. "oh man, your such a pussy, I can't believe you did not tell her how you really felt!!" or "Your such a pussy, you went down on her even though you didnt want too?"
by titelips...( poos-see February 24, 2003
7081 4113