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n.- 1)cuntass bitch faggotass titti fugly slut faggotass faggot 2)a faggotdy gallowfaggot 3)anything related to G.F.G.

adj.- pussfaggotdy
-damn! that pussfag just got gallowfaggotized
-hey bitch, i fina kick yo ass you pussfag motha fucka
by The Gallowfaggotizers December 10, 2004
Cunning insult ceated by combining 'Pussy'ole' and 'Faggit'.

Deriving from the more commonly used term 'Fagpuss'.
Kush: Why do i smell so bad?
Kaash: cos you're a fagpuss PUSSFAG double pumplex junior
by ak-21 July 18, 2010