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1) A slang term for someone who is loud, obnoxious, overly-confident but also a pussy. It is a branch off of the term goonberry. A pussberry talks a big game but then when you step up to them they back down like a little pussberry.

2) A pussberry can also be a berry of any flavor that is placed into the vagina of girl in order to give it a better taste.
Chris: "Wow Manan you are such a pussberry."
Manan: "You wish you were like me."

Jaime: "I just used a blueberry pussberry, now everyone will wanna eat me!"
#goon #pussy #goonberry #pussberry #pusberry #pussbery #pusbery #loser #tool #idiot #douche #vagina
by The Goonberry March 30, 2011
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