when somebody is a pussy
"dude you're a puss puss"
by camagitoe June 22, 2004
Top Definition
1. A female cat's pussy.
2. An endearing term for your girl's special area.
3. A not so endearing name for a wimpy or easily scared individual.
My wife was shaving her puss-puss when she noticed our cat Muffy had something sticking out of her puss-puss; but my wife was too much of a puss-puss to see what it was.
by Tex Davis September 24, 2008
A person who is scared, easily intimidated and should be made fun of because of it.
"Dude, stop crying, you look like such a puss puss right now." (Then leave him alone crying like the puss puss he is)
by Julian Bukowski May 16, 2009
A word referring to someone's immense cowardice and lacking of any kind of genitalia.
Bob: Guys I cant go to the movies because i have sand in my vagina.
Supposed Friends: Bob, stop being such a pusspuss.
by BoxcarLeo February 10, 2008
a warm place to keep a penis warm everynight
Samantha's pusspuss keeps my dick warm
by sexyboii22222 October 09, 2010
refers to the vagina. derived from pussy. used much in the suburbs of melbourne, australia.
just 'puss' can also be used.
a: man im so horny my balls are gonna kill someone when they explode
d: we will go on a hunt tonight to get some puss puss.

d: (after seeing hot girls)sluzzaaasss!!
a: dont yell at em! but fuck i bet she got a nice puss puss.
by a2dabg July 17, 2006
kickass cat from kid notorious on comedy central
by etchasketch October 22, 2003
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