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A perfectly yellow, ready to eat banana that a woman puts in her purse to eat when she is on the go. However, while in transit, the banana becomes overly bruised, bounced around in the bottomless abyss that is her purse.

Ultimately, by the time the woman gets to her destination, the banana is brown and mushy.
By the time I got to work, my yellow banana turned into a purse banana. I had a few unsatisfactory, mushy bites then I tossed it.
by DoubleVisionT March 22, 2013
The banana that a lady inserts into her handbag with all of the good intentions of making that her healthy lunch ...that becomes garbage at day's end..because she ate a double cheeseburger instead.
I stumbled accross my purse banana while looking for my wallet to pay for my hamburger lunch.
by LakelandLurlene March 09, 2011
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