When, after consuming too many blue-raspberry smoothies and cabbage, one breaks wind loudly and leaves a distinctly purple stain on one's undergarments.
I'm pretty sure the editors purple thundered all over the page there.
by RIDICULOUS WILDCAT March 04, 2010
Top Definition
Herpes or a nickname for someone with herpes.
That girl has the Purple Thunder. Or she has the Thunder.
by Dayton Vegas April 26, 2010
purple thunder is an underground army created by two high schools students. it is the second largest underground army. Members will usually yell purple thunder in a loud deep raspy voice to show they repsect their membership.
the two high school students walked past each other while yelling "PURPLE THUNDER!!"
by da_drizzle June 12, 2011
a mature woman's state of mind and demeanor that demonstates youthful passion and drive.
That Marji is filled with purple thunder.
by Al G W August 21, 2007
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